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MirrorAR™ is a revolutionary motion capture and mixed reality solution which can be used in any field where home compliance and performance is key to individual success; such as physical rehabilitation, fitness training or surgery follow-up.

Running on most smartphones, MirrorAR overcomes traditional barriers to pose estimation such as partially obscured limbs, plane of view, visually complex backgrounds and the user’s position and distance to the camera. MirrorAR objectively measures the range of motion and compliance to required therapy exercises providing real-time feedback to patients and their doctors.

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Motion Capture

Digital Mirror Therapy™

Accessible & Affordable Mirror Therapy for Everyone

Mirror therapy (MT) or mirror visual feedback (MVF) is a therapy for pain or disability that affects one side of the patient more than the other side. It was invented by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran to treat post-amputation patients who suffered from phantom-limb pain (PLP). Mirror Therapy helps create positive visual feedback of a limb movement. It is a technique to help move a poorly mobile limb or to reduce phantom limb pain.

Digital Mirror Therapy™ (DigitalMT) is an Augmented Reality based equivalent of the traditional mirror visual feedback system. DigitalMT provides therapy support for treating complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), phantom limb pain, post-stroke recovery, and ongoing chronic pain. Our system is accessible, affordable, in real-time, and non-invasive. All you need is your smartphone or tablet to get started.

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Our Solution Works in Less Than Perfect Conditions

Partial Frame
Poor Lighting
Deep Field of Vision

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does MirrorAR work?

Using only a smartphone, our patented software detects 16 key joints on the body without markers or sensors, in any clothing, at any distance from the smartphone camera, and in real world settings.

2. Do I need to buy special sensors or equipment?

No, MirrorAR works with today’s most smartphones equipped with a front or rear camera. We do not require any sensors to be applied to your body.

3. What does MirrorAR measure?

MirrorAR measures the angle of movement of 16 key joints, and can analyze its Range of Motion over time. Patients or doctors can visualize the data on their smartphone, or upload it securely to our cloud platform.

4. What technology does MirrorAR use?

MirrorAR uses Augmented Reality (AR) to project a virtual body map of the persons joints onto the user mirror image, showing angles of each joint as the person moves.

5. What can I use MirrorAR for?

MirrorAR is a next generation machine learning software that enables tele-rehab, sports medicine, fitness exercises, and mobility assessments for individuals and patients.

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